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About Us Overview

BMW Spark Plugs was founded with one goal in mind – pushing the envelope of BMW performance with OEM and upgraded ignition components. Owners Zach and Jake are N54 enthusiasts who both made the same mistake, along with many others. Excited to tune and mod our cars, we did so on old spark plugs and ignition coils. Frustrations boiled over when our cars ran worse after the modifications. The excitement was ruined waiting a week for new spark and ignition coils in the mail.

Determined to help fellow BMW owners keep their engines running at peak performance, BMW Spark Plugs was founded in December 2018. We started with only N54 and N55 parts and have since grown to offering spark plugs and ignition coils for 20+ unique BMW engines. With OE, OEM, and upgraded spark plugs and ignition coils available, we only offer the best.

Despite our growth, we are a small company and operate just like a small company. Exceptional customer service is at our core. Orders placed before 2PM CST on business days go out same day. Our 100% FREE “standard” US shipping delivers within 2-4 business days, with guaranteed 2nd day and next day options available.

Our History

Though BMW Spark Plugs is a relatively new business, Zach and Jake have been serving the BMW community for over 7 years.

Autobahn German Parts – January 2013

In 2013, we purchased a declining BMW parts business with an antiquated website design. Autobahn German Parts was quickly turned into a successful business providing customers with OE, OEM, Genuine, and aftermarket BMW parts.

BimmerHQ – May 2014

Due to the poor web design, BimmerHQ was launched to re-brand Autobahn German Parts.

Exit Parts Industry – May 2017

After a successful few years of providing OE, OEM, Genuine, and aftermarket parts, we realized our catalog was too outdated to continue growing. Determined to focus on our love and passion for BMW’s, we officially closed BimmerHQ in May 2017.

BMW N54 Tuners & BMW Tuning – June 2017

June 2017 saw the launch of BMWN54Tuners.com. Zach and Jake own 3 N54 powered BMW’s and were fueled by their love for the N54 to provide valuable content to other passionate owners. N54 Tuners was an instant success and readers frequently requested content for other BMW engines. As such, BMWTuning.co was launched in 2019 to provide unique content for dozens of other BMW engines, such as the N55, B58, N63, N20, N52, etc.

BMW Spark Plugs – December 2018

After working on our blogs for 1.5 years, we recognized a trend of the same mistake we made. Many BMW owners tune and modify their engines on old spark plugs and ignition coils. Like us, they’re stuck waiting for new plugs and coils to arrive to truly enjoy the newfound power. We launched BMW Spark Plugs to serve the BMW community and help others keep their BMW’s running at peak performance. After starting with a small catalog, we now offer OE, OEM, and upgraded spark plugs and ignitions coils for 20+ BMW engines.

BMW Parts Factory – December 2019

Following the success of BMW Spark Plugs, we saw an opportunity to re-enter the broader parts industry, again. BMW Parts Factory was launched in December 2019 offering a catalog of 10,000+ OE, OEM, Genuine, and aftermarket BMW parts.

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Please feel free to contact us at any point, whether you are a customer, potential customer, or not planning on becoming a customer at all. We are true BMW enthusiasts and are always happy to chat and assist when and where we can.