BMW N20 OEM Ignition Coils

BMW N20 OEM Ignition Coils

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Delphi Technologies OEM BMW N20 Ignition Coils

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BMW N20 OEM Ignition Coils - 12 13 8 616 153

These OEM Delphi ignition coils are a direct replacement for all BMW N20 engines, including the 228i, 320i, 328i, 428i, 528i, and BMW X 28i models. Ignition coils play an important role in the performance of your BMW. While newer ignition coils do not directly increase horsepower, they may increase performance by restoring lost horsepower and responsiveness caused by old or faulty coils. 

Compared to old or faulty ignition coils, new coils may:

  • Restore horsepower, responsiveness, and acceleration
  • Fix long starts or cold-starting issues
  • Prevent engine misfires
  • Smooth engine performance and idling
Delphi OEM ignition coils are recommended for all BMW N20 engines whether stock or highly modified. Faulty ignition coils may be diagnosed by data-logging and moving the suspected faulty coil to a new cylinder to test. These ignition coils should be replaced roughly every 50,000 miles on stock N20's, or every ~30,000 miles on modified engines.